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And Another Thought!

The release of the “memo” will start the end of the Trump administration!  It will be leaked to the press within days all that will be needed to take out this white house as well as some house members, Nunes will start the fall…  Obstruction of justice makes KARMA look like a weak bitch!  1/31/18 17:51 PDT

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Can we all stop it with this, ‘it was just a short meeting’ BS with Don Jr. As far an excuse go this not a good one at all.
As an investigator for MCI back in the 80s when you had calling cards used to investigate fraud and a lot of the “fraud” people would report thinking it was not legitimate phone calls.
We would go over the calls and find that they were legitimate under one-minute phone calls, a significant number of them to the answering machine. With a 15 to 30 out and a;
“Hey, it’s me call me back in the car I am going to get the bread let me know if there is anything else.” in the most case come to just under 57 seconds.
We still to this day do it all the time we just don’t notice.
So now imagine what you can do in 10 minutes.


On the Radio today:  The bill is hanging on to by an orange hair plug…



People Everywhere Are Trashing Trump’s “Election Integrity” Commission



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