Donald Trump’s three-front legal war turns on sex, money and Russia | VIA CNNPolitics STORMY Is Still ON HIM!

(CNN)A barrage of revelations and court gambits over the last 48 hours has left President Donald Trump and his shrinking legal team fighting an escalating battle on multiple fronts — involving an explosive triumvirate of sex, Russia and money.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that one of the President’s lawyers last year floated the possibility of pardons for two key targets of special counsel Robert Mueller: former top aides Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn.
Meanwhile, Michael Avenatti, counsel for porn actress Stormy Daniels, who claims she had unprotected sex with the President, filed a defamation suit against Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, hoping to force the commander-in-chief himself into a perilous deposition under oath.
And Trump’s legal tangle became even more complicated when a federal judge gave the go-ahead to a lawsuit alleging that payments to his Washington hotel by foreign governments infringed the emoluments clause of the Constitution.
The dizzying pace of developments was remarkable even for Trump, who has used litigation as a weapon for much of his career and been embroiled in hundreds of lawsuits. It raised a whole new batch of questions about what the President knew about the various legal fronts that are all but certain to further deepen the morass now facing the White House.

Pardons and spies: New twists in the Russia probe

The Times report potentially deepens the President’s exposure to Mueller’s investigation because it raises the issue of whether his lawyer, John Dowd, who recently resigned and who denied the report, was offering potential pardons to sway the two men against cooperating with the special counsel.

Source: Donald Trump’s three-front legal war turns on sex, money and Russia – CNNPolitics

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