When you can’t even get the worst | Two more attorneys turn down Trump


A pair of veteran white-collar lawyers have turned down President Donald Trump’s offer to help lead his defense in the Russia probe, marking another setback for a legal team that’s seen its numbers dwindle over the past week while it prepares for a potentially critical interview between the president and special counsel Robert Mueller.

The law firm Winston & Strawn said Monday night that two of its partners — former federal prosecutors Tom Buchanan and Dan Webb — were approached by Trump but declined the job “due to business conflicts.”

“However, they consider the opportunity to represent the president to be the highest honor, and they sincerely regret that they cannot do so,” the law firm said. “They wish the president the best and believe he has excellent representation in Ty Cobb and Jay Sekulow.”

Trump’s legal team is now led by Cobb, who is handling official White House matters in response to Mueller’s investigation, and Sekulow, a conservative attorney and talk radio host who has been the public face of the president’s outside legal team.


Source: Two more attorneys turn down Trump

This is not just because the president is a lier, it because the MARKET is driving them all away.  The “Market” is the layers current clients telling them, ‘take DRUMPF and we WALK!’

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