Opinion | Trump’s lawyer just quit. Here’s what it might mean for Mueller. | Eric Schneiderman will be doing that…

While you were distracted by President Trump and Joe Biden threatening to fight each other in a septuagenarian slapdown, this happened:

John Dowd, a personal attorney to President Trump, resigned his position Thursday amid a shake-up in the president’s legal team as Trump has sought more firepower to deal with the special counsel’s Russia investigation.

The resignation came Thursday, according to three people familiar with the decision.

In an email to The Washington Post, Dowd wrote, “I love the President and wish him well.”

Dowd’s departure was a largely mutual decision made after the president lost confidence in his ability to handle special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation and Dowd became frustrated with Trump’s recent efforts to bring on new attorneys, they said.

Dowd, who was ostensibly leading the ever-growing squad of lawyers defending the president in the Russia investigation, made news last week when he called for Mueller’s probe to come to an end, a suggestion obviously meant to placate the president.

Before that, he was perhaps best known for claiming hilariously that he had written a Trump tweet in which the president said he fired national security adviser Michael Flynn because he had lied to the FBI, which could be evidence of obstruction of justice, since not long afterward Trump asked FBI Director James B. Comey to go easy on Flynn. The notion that Dowd for the first and last time sent out a tweet from the president’s account that just happened to be incriminating was so ridiculous that no one bothered to pretend it was anything other than Dowd lying to protect his client.

The president is tired of hearing from lawyers who don’t tell him what he wants to hear.


Source: Opinion | Trump’s lawyer just quit. Here’s what it means for the Mueller investigation.


I Agree Mueller will not send Trump to Jail, Eric Schneiderman will be doing that!  -AW-

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