In the Mueller Investigation, Facts Matter –

Terry H. Schwadron, DCReport New York Editor

As much as hoping for resolution of all of the outstanding questions about collusion (or not), interference in elections and cover-ups, I’m hoping that the work of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III will bring back some sense to language, rigor—and fact.

As things stand right now, even the quickening trickle of indictments, investigative disclosures in the press and competing congressional reports merely seem to be waving red flags, signaling the latest release of anti-other, partisan bilge about what opponents are saying about the process.

Rather than centering the concerns of the nation as a whole on the substance of the problems being exposed, the special counsel’s investigation, secretive by necessity, is allowing the political parties to argue over the “factualness” of each disclosure, to spur more and more spin about each development. In so doing, people are using more and more far-fetched excuses for reason and logic as a base to claim either “vindication” or “gotcha” conclusions well short of what the information at hand has to say—all with little reference to actual findings or documents.

Frankly, don’t we have more important things to talk about than the daily developments in an investigation for which we don’t have insight?

The divisive talk speaks poorly about what will happen when we actually have a culmination of special counsel results because we can’t talk about what actually has been disclosed.

Source: In the Mueller Investigation, Facts Matter –

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