This is what you get when the White House is for profit! | It’s all a lie

Have you noticed that we went from a white house that you would not hear anything from for weeks and even then it tended to be good news to a place wherein it is in chaos and now every day there are listen to story after story of how this white house is always in turmoil and

We have a con-man and Russian trader as president; this man is living a lie every day as we stand by allowing it to continue.

He is semi-functionally illiterate. No, that does not mean he can’t read at all, it says he has a difficult time reading and holding concentration due to that disability. This disability is why he must have his daily briefing and almost all reports read to him. This disability along with his narcism is part of what stops him from having the ability to read and understand what is he is reading.  When you know everything, there is no need for new information to be gleaned.

When your entire life is a lie, how do you live your life?  Each lie is like a  plate spinning on a pole.  You can only keep so many plates spinning at one time because when you get to the ten plate that 1st one is always about towable off its stick and bring the entire show to a stop.

There is an exustion that comes from living every day and all day in a lie. And the problem is when you live by the lie you will be caught in that lie almost every day in it all too often because too many people are all trying to keep the plates swimming.

It has come up in article after article, that most people in the White House are there for PROFIT not “Profer” to the people. Therefore, when not one person, in your White House starts off with clean hands, how else does it run other than in crisis mode?

Just the fact that there are now more than 100 people working in a white house WITHOUT TOP SECRET CLEARANCE, making it a White Hose so open to spies and blackmail, it makes my six camera home security system look wide open.  Remember that DRUMPF ran on Hillary being ‘Bad a keeping our Secrets.’  Well, just another projection from the projection king.

It’s is time to admit that our country is now under FULL Russian control. No, I am sorry there is no way that this man is going to all the of this trouble without being guilty. Yes, we fully believe that this man is utterly guilty of Money Laundering, Fraud in not paying so many contractors, and Obstruction of justice as an idiot that does not understand that a President is a President, not a KING!

It is now also clear that this is GOP problem, not just a Trump issue. And I feel this will be the death knell of the GOP.  Even with this is terrible a job of gas lighting, they are still getting about 30% of the American “people”  to think every word they say is always 100% correct.

And now it’s looking like 80% of the Steel “REPORT” is wholly confirmed. But people still keep centering on the pee pee tape.  Let’s face it if you read the whole damn report you know that the PEE PEE is the least of what is in the report.

Finally, I ask, will it still be called Trump Tower in two years?

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