What A Year This Month Has Been | With a Few Hours left…

WASHINGTON ― It’s still January. We’re just 31 days into the new year.

That’s a simple fact that seems hard to believe if you’ve been paying much attention to the news recently. It’s been… a lot. Did that crazy thing happen last week, or was that the week before? Did you completely forget about that major news event that actually happened only a few days ago? Can you believe that incredible story actually happened THIS MONTH?

HuffPost spoke with a number of sources closely associated with the news. Even they were bewildered that news events actually happened within the calendar month. They described January as “long.”

“What month are we in?” asked one.  Cont-on-HUFF

All of these things happened in January 2018. No, seriously, they really did.

Source: What A Year This Month Has Been

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