The Clinton Administration confirms, Drumpf HAS NO CHOICE: media stop report Drumpf can find a way to not speak to Mueller

In News that ain't ever going to happen!

We are getting so tired of the media going through all of this conjecture as to if Trump will testify.  That is just the media doing anything to keep you watching as this is only news if he tries to refuse.  What they should be reporting on is whether the GOP will prosecuted him for trying to not to testify.   We are of the opinion, via all information that is in the public forum, that the Russians have something (Conspiracy to affect an election, maybe)  major on the GOP as a party.    Because if they don’t this is the GOP literally putting there horse, cart and FUTURE  in one; DONALD J TRUMP!

I’m sorry, but I would not put my career in the path of a person that WE ALL NOW know to be, a complete lire, who will throw you in JAIL, much less under the bus.  I would be running the other way.

Stories:  Trump Sidesteps Question on Mueller Interview

How far will Trump go to avoid Mueller’s questions? Here are several scenarios.

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