The easiest question today: | Did Trump Obstruct Justice?


Reporting this week by The New York Times and in a new book byMichael Wolff significantly adds to the evidence that President Trump obstructed justice. Of all the elements that must be proved to establish the offense of obstruction, the one that is most critical is corrupt intent: Did Mr. Trump wrongfully intend to obstruct the criminal and congressional investigations? The facts contained in these reports strongly suggest he did.

We now know, for example, that the president took aggressive steps to prevent Attorney General Jeff Sessions from recusing himself from the Justice Department’s investigation because he needed Mr. Sessions to protect and safeguard him, as he believed Eric Holder Jr. and Robert Kennedy did for their presidents. This shows that from the outset the president was concerned that he needed protection from the impact of any investigation. In fact, when the president’s efforts were unsuccessful, he purportedly responded by saying, “Where’s my Roy Cohn?” perhaps suggesting that Mr. Trump wanted the attorney general of the United States to act as his personal criminal defense lawyer — a startling view into his state of mind.

New reporting makes for a compelling case that he did, on multiple counts.

Source: Opinion | Did Trump Obstruct Justice?


The better question is will he get away with it?  Let’s all hope NOT!

FYI, he is also guilty of approximately $850 million in money laundering for Russia Oligarchs!   That is what his business became after the 6th Bankruptcy.

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