Drumpf Knows This is The True Beginning of the END: Talks underway about Trump interview in Mueller’s Russia probe

Drumpf knows that this is the ending of his administration not just a bump.   This is the interview that will take him out IF IT EVER HAPPENS!

WASHINGTON — Anticipating that special counsel Robert Mueller will ask to interview President Donald Trump, the president’s legal team is discussing a range of potential options for the format, including written responses to questions in lieu of a formal sit-down, according to three people familiar with the matter.

Lawyers for Trump have been discussing with FBI investigators a possible interview by the special counsel with the president as part of the inquiry into whether Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 election.

The discussions were described by one person with direct knowledge as preliminary and ongoing. Trump’s legal team is seeking clarification on whether the president would be interviewed directly by Mueller, as well as the legal standard for when a president can be interviewed, the location of a possible interview, the topics and the duration. But the president’s team is also seeking potential compromises that could avoid an interview altogether, two of those interviewed told NBC News.  Continue

The president’s attorneys are exploring options for a Mueller team interview with Trump, including written responses in lieu of a face-to-face interview.



Source: Talks underway about Trump interview in Mueller’s Russia probe



And what is it that they have on the GOP in General.  They have all flipped over as if someone stomped on their BALLS!!


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