It’s TIME for Impeachment now, With all These Confirming (of obstruction) Stories!

Lack of Understanding of the DOJ
Lack of Understanding of the Constitution
No knowledge of the president limits
Investigations into your opponents

WASHINGTON — President Trump gave firm instructions in March to the White House’s top lawyer: stop the attorney general, Jeff Sessions, from recusing himself in the Justice Department’s investigation into whether Mr. Trump’s associates had helped a Russian campaign to disrupt the 2016 election.

Public pressure was building for Mr. Sessions, who had been a senior member of the Trump campaign, to step aside. But the White House counsel, Donald F. McGahn II, carried out the president’s orders and lobbied Mr. Sessions to remain in charge of the inquiry, according to two people with knowledge of the episode.  Continue….

The lobbying effort could be an important episode in the special counsel’s investigation into whether the president attempted to obstruct justice.

Source: At Trump’s behest, top White House lawyer urged Jeff Sessions not to step aside from Russia probe


The BOX is now in place and has the following folks inplace;

Donald JR







Calling All Sane Americans

He must go NOW


It’s is time for the GOP to get there shit right!

(202) 224-3121

The GOP are scared to death.  No I mean they know something HUGE is about to hit them.  Watch the Trumpets on TV and tell me they are not scared of something.

If this is the DOJ going after the Clintons it is Obstruction 100%!

So let’s get this right you are investigating a Foundation that gets donations (non-going to any Clinton) for Pay for Play…. PAY WHO FOR WHAT?

The reality is that the leaders of the GOP know they have attached themselves to a sure death of the GOP maybe even for good.   Trump is DONE and he has taken a lot of there heat off of the individuals in the party but they know that they will have an uphill battle for sometime to come.  They are now the party of FAKE patriotisme Fake religiosity and Fake outrage.  They elected a sexual assaulter of women and a HUGE Bigot.   The GOP always was the party of hate and grievance but has decided to throw the dog whistles to the wind and just be the Nazi party of the 21st century.

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