If Trump has nothing to hide and is SO innocent why is the Right going after the investigators?

Trump is guilty or he would not be fighting Mueller so hard.

@realdonaldtrump is guilty of…. Obstruction of justice, via intimidation and terminations.

His public tweets about the FBI will get used against him, but then again every tweet as already.  His tweets have lost him most of his travel ban to date.

So the law and order GOP is going after its own FBI due to an investigation that is NOT being done by the FBI but by a Special Council with a limited number of agents.  Robert Mueller’s staff of  is not made up of FBI Agents if you did not know.  It is made up of people who where in the public sector left to become partners in the firms they worked in and gave up those partnerships to work on this with Mueller.

Would you take a $100,000 + pay cut if you did not think your working for the good of your country?

Is defending a man like Drumpf worth your reputation?

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