Opinion | Yet another baseless attack on Mueller’s team

“MY PEOPLE were very upset about it,” President Trump said Sunday of emails obtained by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III belonging to the presidential transition team. Yet despite much arm-waving, Mr. Trump’s “people” have provided no evidence supporting their claims of misconduct by Mr. Mueller. This feigned outrage over the special counsel’s search of transition-team emails is just one more attempt by Mr. Trump’s allies to kick up dust around Mr. Mueller’s investigation.

The latest diversion began with a letter to Congress from Mr. Trump’s transition team alleging that Mr. Mueller had improperly obtained emails belonging to transition members. According to the letter, Mr. Mueller’s investigators requested transition emails and devices from the General Services Administration (GSA),…Continue…

The Trump transition team’s claim that the special counsel improperly obtained emails is just one more effort to distract.

Source: Opinion | Yet another baseless attack on Mueller’s team

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