THIS IS THE NAIL FOLKS | Trump Lawyer Says Mueller Improperly Obtained Transition Emails (NO HE DID NOT)

Please understand that Mueller had these emails for a long time now.  It was just found out about on the Trump side.  They had these emails prior to sitting down with any of the people from the White House!

The mail that we know of is from 1/26/17 thru 2/13/2017.  Mueller is looking at the time that Flynn was in the White House and the firing of Colmey and why Flynn was held on too.  As well the calling for loyalty from Colmey….

The president’s team has gone from it’s all good the president did nothing wrong to, he is not guilty of that (showing that he is guilty of something)!

We ask again Of WHAT?

THAT!  Anything Mueller might find.

The move was the latest in the mounting attacks by the president and his surrogates on the investigation by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III.

For those of you who are just getting caught up, the case is so close to being done that FOX (TrumpTV) is going full conspiracy talk all provable WRONG.

Source: Trump Lawyer Says Mueller Improperly Obtained Transition Emails

FYI:  Mueller got these emails on 09/01/2017 at press time it is 12/18/2017  over two MONTHS ago!!!

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