In a Cloud of Fraud: The FCC is expected to repeal its net neutrality rules today!

The result would be a comprehensive redrawing of the FCC’s oversight powers in the digital age, at a time of rapid transformation in the media and technology sectors.

The move would also be a prominent example of the policy shifts taking place in Washington under President Trump. With Republicans controlling the levers of government, federal policy has swung significantly to the right, in some respects eclipsing what would have been considered middle-of-the-road conservative positions just a decade ago, said Jeffrey Blumenfeld, co-chair of the antitrust and trade regulation practice at the law firm Lowenstein Sandler.

“What we’re seeing now is a dramatic change not just from the Obama administration, but even from the prior Republican administration,” said Blumenfeld.

An Obama-era rule is expected to be rolled back after more than a decade of debate surrounding the policy.

Source: The FCC is expected to repeal its net neutrality rules today, in a sweeping act of deregulation

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