In yet another sign that the supposed RIGHT shift is bullsh!t!

Megyn Kelly’s NBC ratings sink for fourth straight week  VIA TheHill


You know it’s funny even people like Randy Rhodes who been in the business for eons (now part of the new age of podcasting), has mentioned, how program directors are people who sometimes have no business doing what they’re doing.  And how they got their job should never be talked about in public.  She also noted that they don’t seem to listen to the people around them or the people who write in about the programming.  No they just seem to do whatever they think is right, and  MSNBC/NBC seem to be going in their own direction and it’s not right (correct).
You would think that people would have realized by now that the 2016 election, was about how a 77k person across three states ‘win’, that gave us this president and that it was a still a huge 2.8M voter ‘loss”.   No matter how you look at it this, not the nation doing a right word run and we are still not sure of what the country was doing, and it appears to be something completely different, that we’ve never ever done before.
I know some of this shift mirrors right word shift is in line with the owners of these media corporations, in this case being Comcast.   These companies want to make sure that the right-leaning tax-free, taxed fewer 1%er systems that the right talks about is put in place.
But what they don’t seem to think about, is that they currently are taxed free(or damn low), look up most of these media companies annual reports.  And if they just left well enough alone they would be just fine, but no they must have full control so let’s put these people on and people will watch.
NOPE!  Not working out so well, is it!

Source: Megyn Kelly’s NBC ratings sink for fourth straight week | TheHill

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