The GOP BUBLE – How Republicans justify ignoring public attitudes – VIA MSNBC

Sorry but this party is truly stuck in the BUBBLE and it is floating away with their brains in it.

They literally believe now that all of the phone calls that they are getting about the healthcare bill being bad are from the left.  Not a one call is from people on the right that may not like losing health care.  They just don’t exist!  They are literally saying this to reporters faces, they do not believe that this bill truly only has only 16% support they are so in their bubble that they are listening to Fox news say, ‘yes this is what we want,’ and they are just like lemmings going off the side.


MSNBC and Steve are on fire.
“The way I look at is there is no question we’re getting inundated with calls and emails and protests. There is all this energy and anger on the left. The people who lost are the ones who are angry. We won the entire elected government. So I remind my staff after a long day of hostile calls, it was less than six months we got more votes than a person on the other side in [my state]. The people who voted for me are still out there.”
By Steve Benen

It all comes back to a Trump quote from March: “the Republican people” are represented by GOP policymakers.

Source: How Republicans justify ignoring public attitudes on health care | MSNBC

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