OLD men (GOP) KILLING our children  – Tillerson calls for regime change in Iran

So here we go again, with the GOP using the US military and our US kids, to try and take over another country that we want nothing but the oil from and form  Which we have no business doing anything in even for oil.

And as we stop using oil by almost 7% (20% in CA alone) every year, tell me how we keep justifying this.
Oil prices are collapsing because we (the rest of the earth) are going in a different direction to an economy that does not require oil, and yet these old men in their 70s, who will not be around soon, but are willing to keep killing us for money GREED.
IT IS time we put them out to pasture and get some young juice in there and do things the right way not based on a brick-and-mortar an old oil time that no longer is!

“Our Iranian policy is under development.”

Source: Tillerson calls for regime change in Iran – ThinkProgress

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