A rightwingnut has given me 12 reasons that my marrage is hurting them.

I will let you all be the judge. I never let it be said that I censor people on line. I do reserve to right to delete comments that are not in line with a serious discussion.

Let’s just say I was going to go point for point on this but I think my closing line in the artical that this person is talking about states it all…
“effects their life, rights, and ability to do ANYTHING, including procreate and teach those kids how to hate us as well” But Internets you be the judge! And I am not making this up you can go look for yourself.

Now you all come back now hear.

You say you are still waiting for those “rightwingnuts” to explain how gay marriage hurts them. Well I am proud to be one of those “rightwingnuts”!! In fact, I am so proud that perhaps we should stage a “Rightwingnuts Pride Parade” through San Francisco. On second thought, maybe not. The gay heterophobes of SF would likely kill us and claim their god (The Almighty Lord Pea Nis) told them to do it. (Isn’t it interesting that heterosexuals have far less protection, under the law, than homosexuals; and then those heterophobes call themselves persecuted. Go figure!)

So how does gay marriage hurt society?
1. It discriminates against children by depriving them of their RIGHT to have a real father and mother.
2. It deludes people into accepting the lie that there is no ultimate right and wrong. Instead right and wrong are whatever we decide them to be.
3. It attempts to normalize something that is not normal.
4. It violates the principles of every major world religion.
5. It further erodes the meaning of marriage
6. It further opens the door to defining all sorts of other perversions as being “normal”.
7. It further opens the door to other groups claiming they should have equal rights too. For example, children should have the right to have sex with adults, or other children, as long as they both consent.
8. It is leading the gay community is politicize our schools and distract them from meaningful learning by doing such stupid things as a National Day of Silence or rewriting history to make Harvey Milk a role model instead of a cheap, 2 bit, …….
9. It is forcing people of deep religious and/or moral convictions to shut up for fear of prosecution by the state or threats, intimidation and injury by radical gay heterophobes.
10. It teaches kids that it’s okay to threaten, deface, injure, or lie in order to get their way.
11. It totally rejects the fact that some homosexuals change to heteropsexual
12. Many gay claims fly in the face of recent findings by neuroscience which show the brain is NOT hard wired but very plastic and amazing changes can be made in it. Since sex is mainly in the brain, that opens the door to homosexuality being changed. But since gays reject the idea of change, they refuse to objectively look at that possibility. And they make fun of anyone who thinks change is possible.

These are just a few of the effects of gay marriage and homosexuality on society. There are MANY, MANY more

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