You know what, in ‘California’ even with prop 8’s passage we are “Still leagaly Married” Mr. Thomasson!

Census says we will count you gay married couples, with out question. OK so that just blows the minds of the rightwingnuts (my new word for them no hyphens please) as they are call for a (waste more time and money for no reason) lawsuit AGAINST THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!
Randy Thomasson, president of, said counting LGBT couples as married is violating the federal Defense of Marriage Act. “Marriage is only for a man and woman. That’s the law they need to follow. This needs to be a lawsuit. Somebody needs to sue the federal government to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act,” Thomasson said. The U.S. Census Bureau said the count is a snap shot of the country through self identification. “It’s your opportunity to tell us who you are,” said D’Anne Ousley, spokesperson for the U.S. Census Bureau. “Same sex marriage is legal in some states. So we will be reporting the results of same sex marriage as well as unmarried partners.”
I am still waiting for the day that one of these rightwingnuts can explain to me how HOW HOW a gay couple being married effects their life, rights, and ability to do ANYTHING, including procreate and teach those kids how to hate us as well. Oh ok not all of the teach that, but then again I live in one of the best areas in the country for gay rights RIGHT. Psst psst…. Oh yeah there was that prop 8 thing wasn’t there?

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