Right-wing cartoon depicts Obama raping the Statue of Liberty

I am still not getting how this is even a issue today. I feel this is due to the president being black more then anything. May be I am just… I don’t know what I am… angry!
From: Feministe

I’m wondering the same thing as Amanda: Why are anti-healthcare conservatives so obsessed with rape metaphors? And this is not new. Conservatives routinely accuse progressive of “raping” America, or they use language that hints at rape to describe political processes that they dislike — healthcare is being “rammed down our throats,” we’re being told to “bend over and take it,” etc.

But Darleen over at Protein Wisdom takes it to a new level in a cartoon that images Obama raping the Statue of Liberty (seriously). It’s below the cut and is also at that link, and may be triggering. I would also not recommend reading the comments at Protein Wisdom, which are basically a series of rape jokes.

yeah. As Cara and Sady have both pointed out, rape is not your personal metaphor. Having legislation passed that you do not like? Not the same as being forced into sex! Not really comparable, even. But if you are fond of using this metaphor, it’s at least a good indication that you’re an even bigger douche than Dane Cook. Which I suppose is good for someone like Darleen to know about herself.

Also, as Amanda points out, it’s interesting how conservatives clearly understand that rape is about power and intentionally doing harm when they’re imagining themselves as the metaphorical victims, but when it comes to actual rape — you know, the kind that happens to real-life human women — they’re quick to image it as a miscommunication or a misunderstanding or a straight-up lie. (They don’t, in most instances, seem to recognize rape that happens to actual real-life human men, unless it’s in a prison context, and then it’s either a joke or well deserved). Which makes the rape metaphors all the more enraging.

Thanks to Marcos for sending the cartoon on.

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