Brooklyn: No Pants On The Ground (thanks for doing this!)

His message probably won’t go viral like an “American Idol” audition, but one Brooklyn politician is urging young people to keep their pants off the ground. State Sen. Eric Adams will announce Sunday the posting of six giant billboards in Brooklyn targeting the saggy trend. The billboards go up Monday. “This whole sagging pants culture seems to have swept the city and the country,” said Adams, a Democrat. “Children will be children. But as adults, we need to be on record and tell them they’re doing something wrong.” The 22-foot-tall billboards will be erected along heavily traveled streets, primarily in Crown Heights. Adams said he used $2,000 in campaign funds to pay for the billboards. Each billboard features two male models whose pants are hanging so low their underwear is showing. The message: “Stop the Sag!” and “We are better than this!”

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