Really Sarah, do you want to be part of that movement.

Sarah Palin: We Are ALL Teabaggers

FYI Sarah Cuba has one of the best health care systems in the world.

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  • bernie lemieux says:

    Shara Palin is quite busy endorsing candidates and making speeches for for the mid-term elections. Here are some of the less memorable memories about her; her hand-prompter, her phoney fishing trip, her superficial personality, her blissful naivety, her abyssmal understanding of international issues, her extreme right wing position(fall the clift right wing), her complete ignorance of economics, her brashness, her rashness, her rushing to conclusions. Onthe other hand, here are some of her good points; she’s eye-catching, she’s go-getting, she’s attention- getting, she’s charming, she’s a hell of a good hostess and animator,
    she’s a great crowd mover. I hope she keeps raking it in while the getting is good and that she has a very good “haul” because she will fade into oblivion and anonymity before the general elections of 2012.

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