On a story I did earlyer this week about the OLTL gay Story line!

GLAAD pushes for ABC to rethink ending soap opera’s gay storyline

The ABC soap opera “One Life to Live” is eliminating its gay storyline. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation announced Friday it is pushing for the network to review the decision.

“Last summer, ‘One Life to Live’ brought a groundbreaking relationship into the homes of millions with Kyle and Fish’s story, one that built acceptance and understanding of gay people,” said Jarrett Barrios, president of GLAAD, in a statement. “While we understand that the close of storylines is a frequent occurrence on daytime dramas, canceling this story just as it gains momentum is a step backward in ABC Daytime’s representation of the lives of gay Americans.”

ABC responded with a statement saying there is a chance the storyline will return at some point.

“The groundbreaking Kyle-Fish relationship on ‘One Life to Live’ was embraced by fans both as a great story and a fair and honest reflection of the LGBT community. We’re glad their story resonated with the audience, and understand the fans’ disappointment now that it has concluded. The show has a history of bringing LGBT stories to the screen — earning two GLAAD awards in the process — as well as returning popular characters when they serve the ongoing story. These great characters remain in Llanview, and while there are no immediate plans to advance their story, the door is always open for their return,” the network said in a statement.

The storyline for the couple ends in April.
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