The Truth about the Lies about ACORN

ali-davisBy Ali Davis, Contributing writer
09.29.2009 4:36am EDT

Rachel led off with the news that Bank of America (company motto: Yes, We Are Total Jerks. Good Luck Finding Someone Who Isn’t) is cutting off its work with ACORN, which as part of its work helped first-time home buyers not get screwed over and helped people avoid foreclosure.
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Yeah, I’m sure Bank of America is real broken up over that.

This latest news followed last week’s Congressional de-funding legislation, and Rachel decided to take the trail back even farther than that – all the way to the U. S. Attorney scandal.

Just in case you needed another reason to be squicked out by Karl Rove.

This case brings up an interesting dilemma for American politics. ACORN does – as Rachel admits – have problems. Which doesn’t mean that this isn’t a hit job. When do we as a nation grow up enough to deal with gray areas?

The full story here at

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