An American Question.


By Cody Daigle, The Times of Acadiana 09.23.2009
We’ve spent the first forty years of our public struggle working to carve a space in the world for our difference to exist. Now, it seems we need to carve a space in the world for that difference to become irrelevant.

So all porn is essentially gay (yeah, not only are we responsible for Titan men [further digression, not that it’s such a bad thing, you know], but we’re also apparently responsible for midget porn and “Girls Gone Wild” and unattractive heterosexual couples making mediocre amateur porn on XTube).

I know that’s a bit much for a Wednesday. Sorry. At least I waited until after lunch.

And Carrie Prejean won’t go away. God keeps telling her to give press conferences. (Seriously, shouldn’t He be more invested in other things, like poverty and war and famine? Not Carrie Prejean. How did she get his direct line? Or is someone just messing with her, faking a booming voice over their cell phone and having major laughs with a bitchy friend at a Starbucks in Orange County?) She and Maggie Gallagher still keep popping up unexpectedly during my daily blog reads, Gallagher in that purple suit, looking up at an apparently very tall cameraman, standing in front of a bush that needs pruning, do you think she grew that herself or is that the handiwork of a gardener or a neighbor?

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