Putin and Cronies are just getting started. Kremlin is planning how to strike back against U.S. sanctions|WaPo

“You think we’re bad guys, we’re going to be bad guys, and we’ll see whether you like it or not,” one political commentator said to describe the Kremlin’s thinking.

Source: The Kremlin is done betting on Trump and planning how to strike back against U.S. sanctions

So what I think is starting to hit Russia (Putin & Cronies) finally is that they picked the wrong guy in backing Trump.
The little bitty tit for tat that Russia did this week is only the beginning.
Now it is true that Russians don’t have an economy big enough to do any damage to the USA anymore.   Their economy is smaller than Italy’s and is very energy (OIL) driven.  There in lies one of the largest problems (renewables are up 20% a year) that they have.  Every day that goes by with their oil unsold it becomes less and less valuable.
I am still of the opinion that they must have ‘kompromat’ on this present and don’t be surprised if it starts to leak out slowly or if they are really pissed they will leak out enough to take out this president and the GOP and throw this country into chaos!
Putin is worth somewhere between (Oil prices affect the number greatly) 89 and 209 Billion.
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