Catfight! Queer Blogger vs. Anti-Gay Web Site

viewimage_story.phpGay blogger Joe Jervis of the blog posted an item informing readers that anti-gay blogger Peter LaBarbera’s blog, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, would have a benefit dinner featuring keynote speaker Matt Barber, who has a new book titled Right Hook: From the Ring to the Culture War.

Jervis encouraged readers to book their seats at the dinner, slated to take place Oct. 24 at Christian Liberty Academy in Wheeling Township, Illinois, by calling Concerned Women for America’s Donna Miller.

In a response at his site, LaBarbera attacked Jervis as a “homosexual militant,” saying that Jervis had “started a phone-harassment campaign against” Miller, whom LaBarbera described as a “staffer” for his blog.

The full story here.

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